Play: No Place To Hide

by Andrew Keys on May 19, 2010

I met up with a group of the most intelligent, engaging landscape designers and garden types from Twitter at Margaret Roach’s garden this past weekend. Margaret and her garden are both truly a class act, and she and I have similar taste (read: we geek out over the same plants), so watch for photos from her garden in my posts here.

A group of us went to lunch after, and, perhaps predictably, the conversation turned to the oil spill in the Gulf, how it’s affected and will affect that region, how it could affect us locally, how helpless we all felt over it.

Folks, I make my living, in part, as a writer, and I’m at a loss for words to express to you the magnitude of this thing and how it makes me feel — as a human being; as one from that region. I believe I’ll leave that to Alison Krauss, Union Station, and the foreboding nature of bluegrass, because truly, there is no place to hide from this, nor should we continue to. It’s time we all demand better, in whatever capacity we can. Here is a Facebook group on helping shared by friend and former Louisiana resident Pamela Price. Take a moment to consider these things, and then get to it.

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