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Changes Afoot

by Andrew Keys on March 21, 2012

So. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know it’s pretty much all about plants. Plants are kind of my thing.

For a while, though, I’ve had the good fortune to write and talk about plants professionally, and I need to offset that a bit. There are so many stories about other things I’d like to share, and while plants will always come first in this space, I’m restless. All plants and nothing else make AK a dull guy.

That’s why I’ve decided to refocus this blog ever so slightly. While the title (and main event) are the same, you’ll see the tagline has changed to include design, travel, and lifestyle. Plant-loving readers, do not despair! I can still talk about plants all day long, and will continue to. I’m just expanding my repertoire to keep it interesting for me, and I hope it’ll be more interesting for you too.

Stay tuned!

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