Adonis amurensis

Roll Call: Yellows for Spring

by Andrew Keys on February 17, 2012

So guess what? I’ve been asked to contribute to a super-duper web community called Houzz. You can check it there at that link–OR on your iPad, because it also happens to be a kickass iPad app.

Houzz is like Flickr meets Pinterest meets Tumblr meets design, i.e. the kind of thing we love, so I hope you will. If that weren’t enough, they’re looking to build their content around plants in landscape design. Plants! In design! So often forgotten in landscape design today in favor of high concept, or hardscape, or mulch. You must know by know that I, in particular, am a proponent of plant-DRIVEN design. Needless to say, they didn’t need to ask me twice.

With that, I give you my first Houzz “ideabook”, on yellows for spring. It has to be spring somewhere, right? Here are a few yellows to kickstart your spring state of mind.

(BTW, the image above is a bonus, Adonis amurensis, or pheasant eye, a particular spring yellow plant I’ve lusted after for a while now, but can never quite bring myself to buy, because it tends to cost an arm and a leg. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.)

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