Garden Designers Roundtable: My Home Garden

May 22, 2012
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My garden: let me show you it. Well… Some of it.

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Garden Confidential #6: X and Y, Pt. I

May 11, 2012

People. This week has threatened to be my undoing. But I got to shop ’til I dropped yesterday at the Brimfield Fair with friends, which helped. If that weren’t enough, I discovered the lovely SoundCloud service I’ve been using to bring you these podcasts on my site isn’t free like I thought–which is convenient, since […]

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Pink Flamingo

April 25, 2012
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One of my earliest posts here was a wishlist post about this crazy tree. I never really thought I’d find a place for it, or that it would find its way to me.

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Oh Deer

April 19, 2012
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Krabi, Thailand, 2008—But wait, before we go there, we have to visit where I grew up, which would be rural south Mississippi, U.S., 1978-1997—A common custom for young men there is hunting, heretofore referred to as huntin’. I never cared for huntin’, but I DID love wild animals. Still do. Especially live ones, but taxidermied […]

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Don’t Eat the View

April 12, 2012

Photo: Plant Pictures || You know, I hate to say it, but I don’t often think of the children. This time I did! My picket fence cried out for a vine. It borders the sidewalk along our street, always abuzz with both footed and treaded varieties of traffic in the center of this little town. […]

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A Shrine Design Slideshow

April 10, 2012
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For the longest, I fixated on our front door. How to frame it juuuuuuust right? Like all my gardens’s other vignettes, I let it grow and evolve organically (figuratively, though literally too), but its “YES!” moment lingered just outside my consciousness for years. It looked so familiar, what I was doing there. Then I saw […]

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An Ode to Helen the Conqueror

April 4, 2012
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Among the workhorses in my garden, Helen von Stein is a workaholic. Who is Helen anyway? In my garden, Helen is a vigorous, large-leaved cultivar of lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina), with various noms des plumes: ‘Helen von Stein,’ ‘Helene von Stein,’ ‘Countess Helen von Stein,’ the most fascinating ‘Countess Helen von Stein Zeppelin,’ and the […]

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Garden Confidential #5: Down to Earth

April 3, 2012

You guys, for some reason, I’ve noticed we don’t tend to swear on our blogs in this community of ours, and I’m not sure why that is. Are we really that demure? Did our mommas just raise us right? Maybe the garden blog community is a family show? Regardless, I’ll tell you what: Amy Stewart […]

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March 29, 2012
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Hey! Why isn’t he writing about plants? See here. Beijing, July 2006—I learned how to haggle at a market in China. Our first day in Beijing was Sunday, and all I knew was I had to be at something called the Ghost Market. Not its REAL real name–a transliteration that says “meh” to who knows […]

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