Lit: Wonder Boys

by Andrew Keys on March 4, 2010

A jet of cool air carried me through the door, as though the greenhouse were breathing me in. The floor was gravel and my footsteps crunched and echoed off the high glass ceiling. It was so warm inside that I immediately began to sweat, and so fragrant as to be almost malodorous. I smelled potting soil and freesias, basil and rainwater, rotten wood, rubber hoses, moss, and a faint chlorine tang like an indoor pool. A thousand plants stretched out into all four arms of the greenhouse, spread across low benches, in orderly rows, sporting all manner of fronds, tendrils, and bracts, from cacti to miniature roses in pots to boxes full of tiny seedlings to a big round gardenia bush in a Mexican urn.

– Michael Chabon, Wonder Boys.

Days like today, I need a greenhouse.

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