Gardening Rocks 2012 Advent: Day 9

by Andrew Keys on December 9, 2012

Gardening Rocks 2012 Advent Calendar

You’re gonna have to work a little for this one. I know I’ve mentioned Mariachi El Bronx, one of my favorite bands–a punk band that moonlights in mariachi. What’s not to love? If you go to their label’s web site, you can still download a 2011 mixtape INCLUDING the song “Great Provider” (a personal favorite), along with a bunch of other really good stuff. All they ask is your email address. Come on, you know you’ve got that one Gmail account just for stuff like this. (Link to listen on Spotify at bottom. Sometimes those don’t show up for everyone.)

Leave a comment below now through Christmas for a chance to win my book. Details here.

Updated: Here’s a video of another Mariachi El Bronx song, because the plugin I was using the link to Spotify flipped out and threatened to eat all the space on my server.

YouTube Preview Image

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