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Field Trip: A Garden by P. Allen Smith

by Andrew Keys on June 16, 2011

Waaaaaaay back in April, right around the time I turned into a whirling dervish of work on the book and every other project under the sun, I put everything down for two days to travel to Little Rock for an event at P. Allen Smith’s garden home retreat.

Now, I’m quite certain I’m the last blogger to post about this, for reasons above as well as some technical difficulties I had with the blog in the meantime (because of course I had time to deal with that), so it’s been a while. Perhaps there’s not much left to be said about the event, but what I will tell you is that it was a fantastic time, our hosts and the event’s sponsors were gracious, Little Rock was surprisingly adorable, and I’m glad I went.

The first day, we toured three gardens designed by Mr. Smith’s firm, including one at the Arkansas governor’s mansion and a wildly over the top villa-inspired garden with a terrace to die for. My favorite, though, was the third garden, and that’s the one I wanted to share with you. It was a Mediterranean-inspired jewel box, exquisite and practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins, and I only wish I took more photos. Narration is in the captions you’ll see below each photo when it pops up.

I think this is the point where legally I’m supposed to divulge that P. Allen Smith’s people sponsored our trip to Little Rock? And I thank them for that, and for their hospitality.

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